Football and Charity – Giving Back to the Community

Football and Charity – Giving Back to the Community

Throughout the 20th Century, whilst football was becoming increasingly commercialized – much to the anger of many ‘purists’ – the game did occasionally demonstrate that it could raise funds for good causes. In particular, following major disasters – such as the Aberfan tragedy in 1966 – clubs often arranged matches with proceeds donated to those affected. Similarly, following the First World War, women’s football (at a predominantly amateur level) helped to raise vast sums of money to help support those who had been left behind by the conflict.Find out :

In addition, there are a number of charitable organizations that use football to tackle some of the most complex and challenging social issues around. These include the Street Soccer Foundation which works to educate, upskill and inspire young people through sport-focused intervention. They work in some of the most deprived communities, aiming to change lives for the better and create long-term impact.

Scoring for Good: Football’s Role in Charity and Community Engagement

Another such organisation is the Free Kicks Foundation which runs UK-based projects to support children who have been exposed to abuse, exploitation and violence. They also support vulnerable individuals and families by enabling them to build a stronger family structure, develop self-reliance and find their place in society. Lastly, there is Football for Humanity which uses football-focused interventions to address complex social issues, such as reducing poverty, homelessness and food insecurity, helping individuals to find employment and providing the opportunity for a better life.

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