Housing Counselor


One of the benefits of becoming a certified housing counselor is the opportunity to help consumers make educated decisions about their home purchase and other financial matters. They can help people avoid credit problems, find the best mortgage option for their needs and even determine how much they can afford. Having a certification will also show consumers that you can provide a credible service.

There are many different avenues to becoming a certified housing counselor. You can work for a third-party provider, such as a housing counseling agency (HCA). For individuals wanting to become a certified housing counselor, you can take continuing education courses, attend training seminars, and earn certifications through other programs. As part of their job, a counselor may assist clients with down payment assistance, rental laws, mortgage products, home inspection documents, Section 8 vouchers, and other topics. However, to meet the requirements for certification, each counselor must pass the Housing Counselor Certification Examination. This examination is administered by a proctor, who verifies the identity of each individual taking the test. If the test-taker passes, he or she will be notified via email. The test itself is a 90-minute, multiple-choice exam that can be taken online. A score of 80 percent or more is considered a passing grade.

To pass the Housing Counselor Certification Examination, a test-taker must have experience in a specific field, or have a minimum of five years of experience. Additionally, the test will include topics such as the basics of housing, rental laws, mortgage products, and other related subjects. Test-takers will receive a score report with details on each of the learning objectives. In addition, test-takers will be notified by email if they fail the test.

While there are many different options available to become a certified housing counselor, the most important thing is to pass the exam. HUD encourages all certified housing counselors to keep up their skills, take additional certifications, and take advantage of the resources available to them. Also, housing counselors can use the certification to gain employment.

During the rulemaking process, there were numerous commenters who raised several questions about the certification process. These questions were addressed in the final rule. Among the most common concerns were the format and scoring. Some commenters recommended that the examination be framed based on the specialized areas of counseling, while others recommended a less cumbersome system. Others asked whether existing certification programs could provide input on the testing and curriculum.

The National Housing Counselor Certification Board (NHCCB) is currently developing a certification exam for individuals to take. It will include a combination of multiple-choice and short-answer questions. The exam is designed to be completed in two hours. Each component area of the test will be developed separately. Lastly, HUD intends to evaluate the results of each exam on a quarterly basis. When the testing program is ready, it will be announced on the Federal Register. Until then, organizations participating in the HUD Housing Counseling Program must have all counselors pass the test.https://www.youtube.com/embed/x1QGQ_vx6AU