What is a Snagging List?

What is a Snagging List?

what is a snagging list is a document compiled by an inspector that outlines and describes any minor defects or omissions that are required to be rectified on site before a build, development or refurbishment can be considered complete. This inspection is normally carried out by the project certifying party and may involve the client or architect.

A recent survey from Autodesk and Dodge Data & Analytics examined some key areas when it comes to managing quality on construction projects, including the use of snag lists. The survey explored the traditional way that a snag list is managed at the end of a project, as well as those who deployed a ‘snag-as-you-go’ approach – where a snag list is created throughout the entire project as each stage of the build is completed.

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The most effective way to manage a snag list is to make sure that ownership and accountability is built into the process. This means that it’s essential to ensure a designated team member is responsible for capturing and managing the snag list, as well as being the point of contact for any questions or concerns.

The best way to capture snag list information on site is by utilising a digital snagging list tool, which allows for quick and simple on-site snag documentation via smartphone or tablet. The information then instantly piped into a management system where it can be converted, displayed and manipulated across registers and timelines. This provides more visibility and transparency for the overall project team, which can help to accelerate the completion of snag lists and a successful handover.

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