The Benefits of Wet Pour

The Benefits of Wet Pour

wet pour

Wet pour is a versatile, shock-absorbing surface that’s perfect for playgrounds. It’s like a superhero that stands between a scraped knee and a smile. But its benefits go beyond children’s safety – it can also be found in fitness centers, water parks and even shower wet rooms.

Wet pour is made by mixing rubber granules with a polyurethane binder and installing it over an existing base layer of SBR or EPDM. A top layer is then customized with patterns and colors to suit the desired design. The thickness of the wet pour surface determines its tested Critical Fall Height, and it can be designed to accommodate a variety of play equipment.

Creating a Safe and Colorful Playground with Wet Pour Rubber

Using recycled materials, wet pour is eco-conscious. It’s also highly durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Wet pour also allows rainwater to permeate through, minimizing runoff and reducing flood risks.

Wet pour is also safe for horses and provides a soft footing that’s comfortable for both rider and horse. It reduces the risk of injuries and offers a safe environment for both to learn to walk together.

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