Portable Toilet Rental in Chicago

Portable Toilet Rental in Chicago

If you’re planning a large event, construction project or need on-site toilet solutions for a business function in Chicago, portable restroom rental (also known as porta potties) provides an affordable and convenient solution. These units are hygienic, safe and clean. Portable toilet rental in Chicago offer a safe alternative to the more crowded on site bathrooms found at restaurants, fairs and concerts.

How much does it cost to rent a porta potty in NJ?

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor wedding or a festival, a portable toilet provides guests with a private place to wash their hands and go to the bathroom. The portable toilet rental industry has grown beyond the standard single-stall, non-flushing unit seen at county fairs and parties to include many options with different features that make them suitable for a variety of events and situations.

The most basic portable toilets are only large enough for a single person and come equipped with toilet paper, sanitizer and chemical deodorizers. The more deluxe units are spacious, modern and often include extras like seat covers, hand washing stations and lighting for nighttime events. Some even offer a full-size urinal.

The most popular models are the luxury restroom trailers. They feature a separate men’s and women’s stall, and some have vanity sinks, mirrors and a washing station. These are typically used by government agencies, disaster relief and for large events that need a lot of sanitary facilities. General contractors also rely on these units for their durability and cleanliness, as do businesses that require on-site toilets for employees.

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