Online Dispensary Canada

Online Dispensary Canada

Online Dispensary Canada

In Canada, it is legal for adults 19 years of age or older to buy and use cannabis for recreational purposes. Adults are also allowed to grow up to 4 plants per household for personal consumption. Adults can purchase cannabis through walk-in retail stores and/or online retailers regulated by provincial government legislation with restrictions on potency and sales amounts for recreational purposes.

For the first time in Canadian history, taleoftwostrains. cc can order weed products through a regulated store’s website or app for home delivery or to pick up from a physical store. Consumers can either visit their local marijuana retailer’s website or download the Leafly app to browse and place orders. These apps work by connecting to a cannabis store’s inventory and ordering systems and act as a middleman between the cannabis provider (LP) and the customer. Leafly and other e-commerce platforms are built on top of existing retail and logistics software and can help LPs streamline their operations.

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A common feature of these e-commerce platforms is a “buy now” button that connects to a third-party payment processor. This is to ensure that only approved e-commerce companies can sell weed and that the weed goes to those authorized to sell it, not the black market. These platforms are backed by the same security features as other e-commerce sites and can be trusted to safeguard customer data and privacy.

Buying weed online is still new for many Canadians and new users are often mystified by this newest access point as they’re used to calling their hook-up or going into a store for their marijuana experience. However, new consumers consistently report that Leafly’s weed delivery portal is super easy to use and provides a very seamless cannabis purchase and delivery process.

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