How to Identify Bed Bug Feces

How to Identify Bed Bug Feces

bed bug feces

Identifying bed bug feces is an important step in confirming an infestation and beginning treatment. However, the stains are similar to many other household marks and can be difficult to confirm if you’re not looking closely enough. In this article, we will explore what bed bug poop looks like, where it typically appears, and how to distinguish it from other markings.

How Long Do Bed Bug Feces Last?

Depending on the type of surface they stain, a fresh bed bug fecal mark will remain visible for several weeks. Once they dry, the stains will fade and may become less apparent. In heavily infested areas, they can even disappear completely and can be hard to detect.

Bed bug feces appear as clusters of dark, rust-colored, or black dots. The size of these dots will vary, but they are most commonly about the size of a marker dot. The color of the stains will depend on where they were made and the food source.

They tend to be found near the bugs’ daytime camp which is usually around the edges of your mattress. However, they can be found in cracks, crevices, and outlets as well.

If you find a suspected fecal mark on your wall, take some clear zoomed-in photos and send them to a bed bug expert in your area. This way, they can help you make a more informed decision on how to proceed with extermination or prevention. You can also use a smear test on the suspect mark to see whether it is likely from a bed bug or not.

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