Chevrolet Is All About Ingenuity and Boldness

Chevrolet Is All About Ingenuity and Boldness


Many of the automakers that make cars have their own idiosyncratic nicknames for their vehicles. For chevrolet, it’s Chevy, a word that carries with it an image of inventiveness and boldness. It also helps that Chevy’s iconic bow tie logo is recognizable the world over.

Founder Louis Chevrolet spent his early twenties as a race car driver, where he perfected the art of racing and fixing cars. This is where he met co-founder William Durant, and the duo set out to design the very first Chevrolet vehicle.

Chevy Delight: Your Ultimate Guide to Chevrolet Models

Over the years, Chevrolet has produced a variety of innovative vehicles. From the tube-frame Pro Stock Vega that revolutionized N.H.R.A. drag racing in the early 1970s, to today’s Corvette C8.R teams competing in the FIA World Endurance Championship, the brand has never stopped striving to be at the forefront of automotive innovation.

Modern Chevrolet vehicles offer a wide array of connected features to keep you entertained, safe and informed on your Brownwood drives. Get the music you love via Apple CarPlay(tm) or Android Auto(tm), stay on the right path with Turn-by-Turn Navigation, and even connect your vehicle to your garage door opener or home security system with Chevy MyLink.

For safety on your next Abilene drive, look for a model with available Forward Collision Alert with Automatic Emergency Braking. This feature detects objects in front of your vehicle, alerting you with visual and audio warnings. If the car in front of you doesn’t brake, the system will automatically apply pressure to help you avoid a collision.

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