Buying Used All Electric Cars

Buying Used All Electric Cars

With the right research, buying a used all-electric car can be a smart choice for consumers on a budget. These vehicles offer several advantages over their gas-powered counterparts, such as lower operating costs, more fuel efficiency, and lower lifecycle emissions. However, the steep upfront cost of new EVs can make them out of reach for some buyers. Read

Luckily, the popularity of EVs has led to an increase in used models available for sale. This is especially true of battery-only models (BEVs), which are the most popular type of EV on the market today.

Electric Dreams: Pre-Owned All Electric Vehicles

A recent study found that the average price of a used BEV had fallen to about $43,000—a fraction of what it costs to buy a comparable new model. But just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean that used EVs are the best deal for consumers.

The market for used EVs is still maturing. The average age of used EVs was 2.5 years in 2021, but that’s falling fast. As a result, used EV inventories are leaning toward newer, longer-range models.

While Teslas remain the most prevalent used EVs on the market, other makes have a presence as well. In particular, we’ve seen an uptick in the availability of BMW 530e and 330e models, along with the X5 xDrive40e SUV.

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